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House Neuvalis is a guild of many contrasts. Despite being one of the youngest guilds in existence, House Neuvalis is also one of the richest. Neuvalis continues to attract additional representatives each year by its insistence on accepting only the choicest Imperial and corporate contracts. That such a stipulation is generally met is due in no small part to the Neuvalian guild policy which states that if any Neuvalis guild hunter is unable to fulfill a selected contract within one standard year, the guild will double the face value of the bounty, paying the originator on demand. The posting of bonds in advance has the net result of both the Empire and private sector sources coming repeatedly to Neuvalis with their most important bounties.

We are a roleplaying Bounty Hunter guild on the Starsider server that accepts all professions not just the bounty hunter one as long as you roleplay a bounty hunter. For more information please contact Skico Nomos for any ingame.
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